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Kendall Engine oil vs High Mileage engine oil

My 87 Acura Integra developed oil leaks around 100k (now 158k).
I saw on the Men’s magazine to use Valvoline High mileage oil - I switched to it around 110k. No more leaks. This car uses 10W30.

I met a m/c uses Kendall on his 80s 3seris BMW - its got 500k now.

It makes me to wonder if i should do anything differently?

I’ve NEVER used high-mileage engine oil and I’ve had several vehicles go past 300k miles and at least one over 500k miles.

Kendall oil is excellent oil. So is Mobil, Castrol, Valvoline, and even Wally-World oil. Stick with any oil that meets or exceeds the requirements for your engine and you’ll be fine.

Your Acura is leaking oil from where? Or do you mean it’s burning oil? Not the same thing.

Not burning but leaking from various seals.

High Mileage oil has additives to soften and swell gaskets and seals. Sometimes it works. It doesn’t matter what brand hi-mileage oil you use. I wouldn’t use it unless it leaks.