Engine swap

My 85 toyota 4X4 pickup R22 engine is a goner @ 255k. I have been told a Chevy 283 can be swapped (?). Any info would be appreciated.Colorado.

Such a conversion might be possible, but it would cost five times what the truck is worth…There are millions of 22R engines out there. Stick with that. You can buy a V-8 Chevy truck for $1500 if that’s what you want…

A toyota 4x4 specific forum would be more helpful. Try www.toyotanation.com for example. Anything’s possible when you deal with enthusiasts and I’m sure someone’s done this at some point.

I’m not quite sure why you’d want to do this, though, unless you happen to have a 283 lying around. To me, the charm of the Toyota 4x4 is that it’s a truck that’ll go anywhere while still getting very good gas mileage. There are any number of capable but gas-guzzling 4x4’s out there that you can pick up for really cheap without having to do extensive work. Also, doesn’t Colorado do emissions testing? If this truck is still subject to a smog test, you can forget about it.

It certainly would be more practical to get another 22R, but it sounds like a fun project if you can DIY. Otherwise, it will cost too much.

Kind of a neat idea and one that I have no idea of the degree of difficulty.
Anything is possible IMHO; the only questions would be are you prepared to shoulder the expense and put up with the aggravation of doing this swap.

With most things like this there will be a hundred or so unforseens crop up and it’s going to mean cash and headaches.

As mentioned, if your vehicle has to pass the CO emissions inspection you can probably kiss that goodbye right now. (I think? CO only tests in certain areas so maybe someone can clarify that.)