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Defining wires on insturment cluster

I’m still new to car modding and I have a small project going around at the moment. I bought an instrument cluster that fits my car but from a newer model, just to clear things out it fits with same harness but since this cluster is from a newer car it seems to not work. I looked up wiring diagram on google but with no avail. I need help with tricks to find basic features like RPM, speedo, fual, and engine temp.

Note: I opened the cluster and looked for the positive and negative terminal on the PCB but they are not printed.

Any help is appreciated.

Why are you even asking this question?

You don’t provide the year of your vehicle, nor the year of the vehicle that replacement instrument cluster came out of.

And you expect us to provide a resource for a wiring diagram?


With today’s computer controlled cars, switching instrument clusters from one year to another usually isn’t possible.

And when it is possible, You usually have to take it into the dealer so they can reprogram the computer to the new cluster.

This is mainly done to keep people from putting low mileage clusters into high mileage cars.


I think the signal would be similar if not the same for every car. And to answer your question my car is 2007 and the cluster is from 2011. They have same plugs but the newer one has more features. I need to know how to look for signals form RPM and other gages.

Thank you.

You’re going to have to fork over some money if you want the wiring diagram

Go to the hyundai technical information website and pay the fee for 2-3 days of access to all the information you want

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I don’t think my 2007 elantra that advanced. I tested a different cluster for 2009 or 2010 and it worked perfectly but it doesn’t have the engine temp gauge like my old cluster from 2007.

Interesting idea, but in the mean time I think I could manage with trial and error. Also there are only 2 harness that goes into the cluster and both have 24 pins each.

Maybe not, but the 2011 cluster is.

I hope you don’t short out something or cause an electrical fire

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Then why the one from 2009 or 2010 worked?

That’s why I’m looking for something to catch the signal. And know which one is for which gauge.

Is it a money issue?

Car manufacturers typically only charge $20-25 to acess their information websites for 2-3 days

And it’ll eliminate any guesswork

information is considered a commodity nowadays

If you google it, your google hit will almost certainly produce thousands of wiring diagrams which have absolutely nothing to do with a 2011 hyundai elantra instrument cluster. It’ll be like looking for a needle in a haystack. Google is sometimes good, but not when looking for wiring diagrams

You’ve never heard of CAN bus?


Money is partially an issue, but I’m feeling that I could manage to understand without paying. I already installed another cluster form a newer car so I’m taking my chances with this, maybe later on if nothing worked I’ll go with the diagrams.

Google didn’t help at all. I was so specific and that usually don’t present any results.

because the 2007 to 2010 are the same.

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They are not. The old cluster had a temp gauge. The 2010 didn’t which is annoying.



Is there a reason why you’re changing the cluster in the first place . . . ?!

The 2011 look exactly like my car. They changed the look of the elantra in 2012. Why would they change it the in the last year before the all new model?

Edit. It brock on me and I tried fixing it but most electrition says I have to change it. I looked in junk yards for same model but I didn’t find it or they asked for lot. I was on a hurry and most of the cheap one are from 09 and 10 because they don’t have the temp gauge. I had the new one for 8 months probably but I’m not comfortable with not having a temp gauge.

And I bet the old instrument cluster had a temp LIGHT.