Sweden a pioneer in Car Radiation Study or is it they are More aware?


Here is an article I found from autochannel which measured radiation in several model cars and some Volvo fared badly.

See the link here


A similar discussion here seemed have stirred a hornet’s nest. To find that discussion in car talk search for the keyword ‘emr’ and can see how it fared.

By the way is anyone aware of any electromagnetic radiation standards inside the car which manufactures/sellers in US have to comply with?


This is more bunk being propogated by the W.H.O. under U.N. auspices to provide researchers grant money (a.k.a. fat salaries) and to generate a “taxable” problem.

I remember some years ago it was being claimed that cell phones were causing brain damage due to EMR.

You have suffered more EMR from your PC screen whining about this than what you will ever receive from a car.

Since this is such a big issue for you and to preserve your future health, shut your PC off right now and carry (NOT drive) it to the dump. Take the TV with you since both dole out drivel on a daily basis.

As to refracted EMR from the ground, the solar system, and any number of communications towers, I have no answer for that except to custom build a lead shielded room underground and have food provided through a slot.

Personally, I’m not worried one iota about this non-existent issue.
Maybe you can provide one link, or name, of anyone anywhere who has been verifiably harmed in the slightest way by EMR. Name it or forever hold your peace.

Live near Roswell, N.M. by any chance? Just wonderin’.


OK’s analysis is 100% correct. Get-A-Life…

You want EMR?? How about a Cat Scan! Or take a walk through one of those airport screeners. More EMR than all the cars ever made…


We’re all going to die from something, but it’s unlikely to be the electromagnetic radiation inside a Volvo. And since it’s highly unlikely that I will ever own a Volvo, I can’t get too excited about this.

There are much more important things to worry about. MUCH more important.

To answer your question, I’m not aware of any EMR standard for US automakers, or any other automakers, for that matter. Is there such a thing? If so, I’ve never heard of it.


Guys – maybe you had better take him seriously.

See here: http://zapatopi.net/afdb/


That’s a great link SteveF!

The U.N. (about a trustworthy an organization as can be found anywhere. not) has spent 200 million dollars on this already while sniveling is going on about the poor, starving people in 3rd world countries. Ask a poor starving Third Worlder if they would prefer a balogna sandwich or freedom from EMR and my guess is they’ll take the former.)

How could one doubt the sincerity here?


Just wear your aluminum foil hat when you drive your Volvo, and you’ll be fine.


ok4450, you’ve said it beautifully.

Although I did notice I had a strange glow after my latest MRI! And my radio reception seemed a little scratchy.

Next we’lll get a post from someone who had an MRI, couldn’t start the car after leaving the hospital, and considers that definitive evidence!


Nope to your question about Location?

My PC screen is negligible.


Anyone has a clue on the frequency of the AC current produced inside the Car’s alternator?




Not off hand. Although I know it’s dependent on the engine’s RPM. Once rectified and filtered it really doesn’t matter.


More alarmist claptrap. If you read the article is says there is no evidence of any harm caused by magnetic fields in cars.

I am not aware of any standards for electromagnetic radiation levels in cars. It would be a silly waste of time. Might as well set standards for levels of sunlight (which, by the way is also electromagnetic radiation).


Anyone concened about EMR when at work or at home…all elctrical circuits generate EMR…the stronger the current the greater the EMR. Research done in the 70’s didn’t show any dangers but there are always those that fear anything invisible and poorly understood. There are so many more realistic dangers in a car…how about how many die per year in accidents. I am more concerned about an impaired driver killing me than I am with EMR!


More of a loon alert. This guy actually seems to think this is a serious issue.