EMF Shielding

2006 Honda Pilot has very high EMF readings (I used a trifield 100xe guassmeter).

Has anyone been successful in reducing EMF in the cabin by shielding the source? If so, how did you do it?

(I’m not interested in replies from persons who think high EMF is not a real concern.)


The two inch wide aluminum tape they sell to hvac ducting installers is what we use on wire harness rebuilds. Easy to work with and stays in place.
Inside of electriic devices I’ve disassembled for repair , I often see this similar product on covers and panels.
Depending on what you want to shield and where you think the shield should go…
Aluminum pie pans and roasting pans make real good sheet stock for forming many items like that.

When I see a Honda Pilot, I put my baseball cap on that’s lined with tin foil. I’m wearing an athletic cup right now wrapped in tin foil pretty much 24/7 because of my hamster radio neighbor. :x

I wonder what kind of readings you get inside an MRI machine…The new Tesla 3.0 machines produce more EMF energy than all the Honda Insights ever made combined…

  1. the reading means nothing without context. Is there a specific reason it concerns you?

  2. if you choose not to hear from people that think it’s not a concern, you’ll be severely limiting the information you get. Which, of course, will make it meaningless. Asking only people who believe the world will end tomorrow whether the world will end tomorrow is meaningless.

  3. if that reaading bothers you, trade the car in.

  4. with all the MRIs I’ve had, I should be broiled by now!

What voltage levels are you reading?

By the way, what WERE the readings?

Readings were between 15-25 mG at highway speeds, in driver seat, head level.

I would assume they are come from the electronic ignition module and the coils. You could cover them with foil, but they will need to be grounded to sync the EMF to the chassis ground. Still curious as to why this is a problem. Is it messing up your radio reception or cellphone reception?

15-25 milligauss? Are you kidding. Thats nothing. What do you get inside your house?, walking by a power line?

You are very likely exposed to mych higher levels in your workplace. And definitely near you cloths dryer. Here’s a link of EMF that you might find interesting. No organization has comclusively tied EMF to health issues.

But, I repeat my earlier comment, if it bothers you, trade the car in. Consumer Reports measured EMF in automobiles and published a list of the levels measured. There are other choices.


I think this is one of those cases of…check for it ( anything ) you’ll find it.
Never check for it and never see a problem from it…
Check for it and FIND it, then percieve it to be a problem.

THIS is exactly how I fell going to the doctor sometimes.
If they’d just not run the check for ‘X’, then everything would remain just fine…like it was before I walked in here.

As TSM wonders ;
What is your base line for comparison ? ( doesn’t every other vehicle measure the same ? )
Have you even checked other daily normal situations ?
Does something bother you in this car and no other ? ie; headache, tooth filling feelings, vision, nausea, dizzyness ?

Shield away…it’ll make you feel better.

200 years ago, human beings were lucky to make it to 45 years…Today, we expect to go 85 years and beyond…We must be doing SOMETHING right! !

I’ve measured my workplace, it is close to 0. I don’t stand next to my cloths dryer for 1 hour a day. My home is about 1 mG. There is increasing evidence that EMF exposure affects melatonin production by the pineal gland.

That’s hardly proven. In 2006 a study concluded:

“The disruption of melatonin secretion has been largely studied since it could provide the missing link between the exposure to 50/60-Hz electric and magnetic fields (EMF) and the occurrence of possible health effects as the “melatonin hypothesis”. We analysed the current experimental data from animal (rodents) where contradictory results have been observed, and from human studies conducted with volunteers or with workers in various conditions of exposure, biological endpoints and metrics. In humans, even in long lasting exposures, the overall results of these studies do not support the “melatonin hypothesis”. It is unlikely that malignancies or mood disorders reported by people exposed to 50/60-Hz EMF could be related to the disruption of the melatonin levels.”

And I’d bet that reducing your driving by 10% (a known high-risk activity, in comparison) would have 100X the health impact than would searching for a lower EMF car.

And 30,000 people are killed in car accidents every year.
You should really sell the car and get walking. That’s your only real protection.

I think an equal amount of people die while chocking on peanuts.
Stop eating peanuts too, while we’re talking about it. They are silent killers.

The OP should spend more time inside his car. In the Continental US, the earths magnetic field averages between 400 and 540 milligauss.

Just for kicks ‘n’ grins, how does 15-25 mG compare to the EMF produced by, say, running a cut-off wheel, table saw, or MIG welder?

I ask because this sounds suspiciously like an “elite malaise” that one has to be a member of the bourgeois to suffer from: for a workin’ Joe, it would be buried in the “background noise” involved in bringing home the bacon.

Most motors have a coil wound around an iron core, so most of the magnetic field is contained within the core. You might experience a few gauss if you get real close to the motor. The MIG on the other hand, might get pretty high. Never tested one.