Electro Magnetic Radiation in car


Are you aware of the EMR inside the car cabin and do you know of any solution to shield the radiation effectively. Also do you know of any manufacturer doing EMR levels inside the car.

The radiation are high (i mean when the car engine is started) in my Honda accord.


I hope you’re not posing this as a serious question.

If you are, then how are you determining your Honda Accord is bombarding you with EMR?


Electromagnetic radiation in any car is at such extremely low levels that it is totally harmless and should be ignored. Same advice regarding those who think otherwise.


I too would like to know how you’re determining that the EMR in your car is high.

There is absolutely no evidence that electromagnetic radiation is harmful. If it were, I would have come out of my last MRI as toast! Seriously, if EMR were harmful there’s no way they’d do MRIs.


This is a stupid post. Everyone needs to flag this guy until the post is removed.


I assume you are asking how to measure EMR inside the car. Use a Gauss Meter or tri field meter to measure it.
In Honda Accord it above 100 milligauss near the floor bed in front and also near the dash board just behind the steering wheel. All other place it is between 10 - 30 milligauss.


just to get some started info on EMR you can read some starters in World Health Organization (WHO) website and the link is pasted below for your convenience. Just a couple of sentence from their site pasted here for your quick review (rest you can read from WHO and google around)
“It is not disputed that electromagnetic fields above certain levels can trigger biological effects.”

I think Humans are biological beings.

“Heating is the main biological effect of the electromagnetic fields of radiofrequency fields. In microwave ovens this fact is employed to warm up food.”



I posted in one of the reply above on how to determine the EMR in car hope this is helpful.
I am not an expert to comment on MRI but of course we know certain things in medical field are also harmful if not handled with care for example even the mild dose of dental x-ray they shield the patient with lead apron. All medical procedure which has to be done has to be done regardless of the effect and when they are done mostly they are done with careful control.
If you are curious and serious just start with the WHO and do some googling around.


What in your Accord do you suppose is bombarding you with EMR? The ignition system? That set of coils that is way out in front of you, attached to a huge chunk of steel/aluminum and sitting in front of a steel wall (firewall)?


There is electromagnetic radiation everywhere, in your house, office, car, you name it. None of it is harmful. However, if you what to get away from what you believe is dangerous radiation, I suggest moving to rural Idaho, where there are a lot of survivalist communes. However, only use a Coleman stove, wood fire, and candles, since all modern electric and electronic gadgets emit EMR.


Do you seriously think EMR at that level is dangerous? I guess I should be worried because I spend quite a bit of time in the proximity of high voltage electrical generators 10K+ volts AC and electrical distribution equipment 100K+ volts AC. The levels you will experience in your house/car are not an issue. There are better things to worry about.


Maybe this is STAR882 reinvented.


you seem to be quite knowledgeable in EMR. Can you engineer a Faraday’s cage for CAR to reduce the EMR reaching into the cabin.
On the other hand your suggestion of rural Idaho, if everyone has to follow, the rest of the cities will be deserted and real estate business there will be booming or else it will become like the rest of cities in no time.


Seriously I do not know the cause and this is why I posted it to find answers and if there is a way to reduce it or is it just my accord is having high levels but other cars are okay.


you maybe lucky to drive one which has low levels (by design or otherwise). Can you share the make, year, model of your vehicle and also EMR readings inside your car. Thx.


There is no car in the world that can produce a magnetic field that would be dangerous to a mouse…let alone a human. There has been SOME evidence that magnetic fields produced from high voltage lines (10k or more) can be dangerous IF EXPOSED OVER A LONG TERM (years).


why do you think so. The computer monitor (will not be relevant if you replied using blackberry) you used to look at this post and type a reply goes through a check to see if the EMR is within the acceptable range. Turn it back and see or if you use the LCD’s probably it carries a TCO '99 MPR II or some logo like that in front. Why? Are they stupid? FYI the levels in the monitors are relatively very low in comparison to the ones coming from my car. Moreover the radiation does not reach my face which is typically about 1.5 feet away maybe my hands are the only parts which is closer to the monitor.
Come on. think again.


Do you know of any auto manufacturer testing EMR inside the cars? We drive our car(s) life long to a point when we are no longer physically able.


Yeah, I actually knew how, but I suspect the OP isn’t measuring electromagnetic radiation but rather responding to the same scare theory that we’ve discussed here at length before. There are those who spend their lives worrying.

While some necessary medical procedures do contain risks, just as all drugs contain some risk, the risks far outweigh the benefits. Those seven prescriptions I take everyday keep me alive and able to live pretty normally…risks be damned! However no study that I’m familiar with has ever linked low level…or even high level…exposure to magnetic fields to medical dangers. Unless, of course, it messes up your instruments at night and you fly into the side of a mountain! (just kidding).


Willey, the man asked a question about a concern he had about something. That is not stupid, nor should be be removing these posts. If someone has a concern we should answer it and discuss it. That’s how we all learn, myself included.