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Swapping passenger and driver's seat

I have a 92 Toyota Camry.
is it possible to switch the front passenger seat , to the front driver seat?
i want to swap the seats.
the front drivers seat has an electrical motor to adjust the drivers seat. It stopped working.

instead of replacing the motor i wanted to replace it with the passenger seat, that just has a pull type adjustment for leg distance.
is this possible , will the bolts line up? will the track fit?

any and all advice would help.

if YOU DONT KNOW THE ANSWER- can you direct me to the place that could help me find out?? thanks again!

wth . . . ?!

It seems it’ll be a lot less work to just replace the seat motor, versus swapping seats

The motor looks to be less than 60.00 but why not call a savage yard and see if they can sell you a seat for the drivers side. Maybe even non power.