Swapping frames

I want to know if a 4x4 frame off of a 1989 chevy s-10 2dr.blazer will fit under a 1985 chevy s-10 2dr blazer?

If I told you that “Yes” it fits and all you need is a hacksaw to do the job would it be full speed ahead for you? What I am getting at is no matter what anyone says here you had better make sure for yourself.

Can you see Jesse James from Monster garage using the internet to desing one of his bikes? The people that do these things well don’t need no stinkin internet to guide them.

You REALLY need to ask yourself WHY??? After an unbelievable amount of work, you STILL wind up with an '85 s-10 Blazer…

Yeahh… I find it kind of hard to imagine that a truck in the sort of condition that necessitates a new frame is going to otherwise be worth salvaging. That’s a bit more involved that just pulling a fender off a junkyard truck or something.

I’d guess (emphasis on guess!) that they probably will swap without too much trouble, since they are for all practical purposes the same truck. I’d love to hear the story behind this, though.