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Is it worth it?

My brother has a 1988 Chevy S-10 Blazer which hasn’t been started in maybe 5 yaers in doors. Here is my problem…it has 30K orginal miles on it. Will this truck cost me more than it is worth?, Can I just start it? What do I do?

The truck is 22 years old, was not one of GM’s success stories even when new, and has sat for 5 years. If you’re getting it for free there’s a chance it’ll be worth it.

First off, the fule system will need to be drained, perhaps cleaned, and refilled…and if it’s a carb that’ll probably be filled with varnishy remnants of long-since evaporated fuel.

Then there’s the brakes. Im sure that every seal in the system is either dried up and leaking or on the verge of blowing should any pressure be placed on it.

Then there’s everything else with elastomerics…belts, gaskets, seals, hoses, vacuum lines, ignition components…all will need to be looked at and probably changed.

Then there’s the suspension…new shocks as a minimum…likely new bushings in numerous places.

And, of course, you’ll need tires and a battery.

Then, if there’s no rot and you do it properly (prelube the cylinders, operate the oil pump to fill the lubrication system with fluid before starting the engine, etc) there’s a chance that you’ll have a running 1988 S-10 worth aout $500 tops.

Are you up to it?

If it is free maybe. I would not pay for it.

If you like hassles(paying a mechanic) or a DIY project than go for it.

I agree…a great gift if you can afford to get it running. Otherwise, I’d pass on it.