Swapping a 2010 Mazda seat for a 2007 Toyota seat

Is it possible to swap the passenger seat in a 2010 mazda for a passenger seat in a Toyota 2007. This si to do with back issues. The Mazda seat is very uncomfortable.

No. Even if you could do it, it would be impractical. We’re talking about lining up bolts, connecting air bag sensors, etc. If the Mazda’s seats are killing your back, your best bet is to trade it in.


How long have you owned the Mazda . . . ?

How many miles?

Was the Mazda seat ever comfortable?

Any chance it’s now uncomfortable because the cushioning and/or the support spring(s) have collapsed?

Don’t think I’m disregarding your bad back . . . mine is pretty bad, as well . . . I’m just trying to think if your bad back is the only reason the seat is uncomfortable


If the seat is no longer powered.


Hi and thanks for replying. My wife has back issues and after 1 hour drive is in terrible pain. It has been like this from the start. However much much better in a standard Toyota passenger seat…

It’s not just a matter of connecting the air bag sensors. The probability of the Mazda SRS system working in conjunction with Toyota seat sensors is somewhere between slim and none.

Even if the OP can line-up the mounting hardware properly, it is highly unlikely that either the side air bag built into that seat or the dashboard-mounted airbag on the passenger side would ever work.

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