Suzuki Swift "no spark"



I have a 1998 Suzuki Swift and when I crank the engine I get no spark, but as soon as I turn off the ignition I get one orange spark. The coils are not getting current. I had it put on a scanner at Checker Auto and they did not find any errors. The mechanic I have working on it is stumped. The car does not have a distributor. Any ideas? Thanks!


From the wiring diagrams, there are two ignition coils. In ANY ignition coil, a spark is produced each time the circuit is OPENED. The engine computer does the circuit opening to make each spark. It does this by opening the gray/red wire circuit from #1 coil (and the gray/blue wire circuit from #2 coil). It has to have the signals from the crankshaft position sensor, and the camshaft position sensor, to do this. An ignition coil has power if it produces a spark (yellow, or other color), as yours does. The engine computer may not be getting signal(s) from the cam or crank sensor(s). Your mechanic needs a digital multimeter and the maintenance manual (Haynes, Chilton’s, etc.) with the sensor checking instructions, and the wiring diagrams, to check for these signals.


Ok thanks! I have the car waiting to get put on a GOOD diagnostics computer…not one of those cheaper ones that Checker uses. So I HOPE that this will elimate the guess work so I can get what I need and get the car going. A problem with the crankshaft sensor would make sense because I had the oil pan gasket replaced and in order to do that the sensor has to be removed. As soon as we got it off the jack, the engine wouldnt fire.


If the electrical connector to the crankshaft position sensor was disconnected and reconnected, the reconnection may not have made good contact. Try again.


Already tried that. I also pulled the sensor out to see if I could notice anything obvious ie: cracks, worn wires. Didnt see anything. I am hoping to get the computer scanned tomarrow and get this whole irriatating situation resolved! Sucks not having your car for 2 weeks! ;/