Suzuki Forenza Radio Problems

I just recently purchased a used 08 Suzuki Forenza. The radio display is doesn’t light up and if I don’t drive the vehicle for a day the battery is completely drained the next day. I saw a similar issue posted on another site. I pulled the fuse out for the radio hoping that it will solve the problem for now. Is this a common problem with the Forenza and if so would replacing the radio with the same company model be an unwise choice or should I fork out the money to have a new radio system installed with the hope that it will solve the problem? Could this possibly be another issue with the car; I know that no lights stay on in the car and I replaced the battery when it died the first time.

Whoa, let’s calm down and separate the issues.

The radio display doesn’t work. That means you need a new radio. I suggest an aftermarket unit, rather than a factory replacement. Check for many possible replacement radio/CD units. You’ll save money and get a better radio.

Please give us more information about your statement “I replaced the battery when it died the first time.”

How long have you had the car, and has anything changed since you removed the radio fuse?

The battery drain may or may not be related to the radio. Don’t spend money until you figure out what’s draining the battery.

You should have some warranty time left to cover the repairs for these things unless you have more than 36k miles on the car.

If your car is still under the original warranty, you should bring it into the dealer. Let them check it out and if any problems are found they can take care of them under warranty.

Also be aware of your states lemon law. It can protect you after the warranty expires, if you have brought the car in while it was under warranty. See the links for information.

If you are not covered, someone needs to do some testing to find the problem.  That may cost some money, but it likely will be less expensive than just replacing parts until you get lucky, if ever. It may not be a bad part. 

Give us some additional information as indicated in the other responses.