Help with car battery drainage after radio installation


I recently had a kenwood radio installation done on my mustang 2015

Notice that after the installation my car battery is draining after not being turn on for a day
I’m guessing the radio is taking a lot of power for the car not sure where to look for a wrong wire or fuse

If you had it installed, take it back and have them fix it.

And yes, it is probably the radio killing your battery. Pull the radio’s fuse at night and see if that solves the drain.


I’ve taken it back and they said that wasn’t the problem that it has to be my battery and I told them I had replace my battery and it was still happening and they just refuse to help me and now since the one year warranty expire they don’t wanna help me and witch fuse number would that be and that would be under the passenger panel correct ?

Installed over 1 year ago, is not recently, so probably not your problem.

There are to many other things it can be besides the stereo

Well I’ve taken it to 2 mechanic shops and the dealer and they all have told me it’s a shortage and it might be coming from the stereo installation

Simple solution, replace the stereo.

More than once I found that electrical problems occurring after installation of an after market CD player, etc was caused by the installer matching up the original system’s multi link connector to the new device’s wires on a cut and splice procedure and when all the identified wires were connected there would be one or more wires left unidentified on each side of the connection. Somehow it seems that some take that to mean whatever is left over on the device needs to be connected to whatever is left over from the car. Even installers at some seemingly high end sound system stores follow that default logic. My son gave his mother a great CD player years ago and had a professional install it and like others it found its way back repeatedly to the installer and then to me to decipher.

You’re not being clear. When was the radio installed? When did the battery problem start? One year ago is not recent.

Regardless, follow the advice to pull the fuse for the radio and see what happens. That’s useful information no matter who ends up needing to fix this.