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Suzuki Forenza check engine light

I have a 2006 suzuki forenza (automatic) with about 90,000 miles on it. Five times this summer, it seems to get “stuck” between reverse/ neutral (both letters are displayed on dashboard) and the check engine light goes on. I turn the car off/on and the the problem seems to resolve. The check engine light stays on for about 24 hours. The car drives “fine” (its a relative term, has some other quirks) for another 2-4 weeks until it happens again. My question is: is this a serious problem or can I just ignore it? I am planning to get a new car in 6-8 months when I finish grad school, can I make it last that long? I would say my car has a “DNR” order right now. I’m in a new city and I don’t have a mechanic I trust here. I’m nervous to take it in with only vague complaints. It has passed a state safety/ emission inspection since the first time it happened. Thank you!!

The transmission range switch could be causing the gear indicator to show more than one gear.

Since the Check Engine light has come on, the computer should be checked for codes.

Some parts stores will connect a code reader to the vehicle and check for codes for free. But if the Check Engine light isn’t on at the time, and the code reader isn’t capable of looking at history codes, this may not help.

So, find a parts store that will check for codes for free. And as soon as the Check Engine light comes on and stays on, get to the parts store and have them plug in the code reader.