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Check engine light

I have a 2008 Suzuki forenza, 125,000 miles. I commute 5 days a week one hour each way. The check engine light came on, then after a day it went off. I filled it up with gas and as soon as I started it up, the light came on again. Then an hour later, It went off. My brother came to pick me up from work, it was on (he notices nothing). Took it to Auto Zone and the code came up Throttle Body. Went to get a new gas cap & air filter, the code went off. Changed both. (The gas cap was clicking but not staying on.) Drove to the mechanic. They said they cleared the code but do not see anything wrong and to bring it back if it comes on again. For 348 miles, it drove fine, parked it in the drive way. I went to start it this morning to move out of the driveway, the light is on again. There is a sight hesitation while driving; the mechanic thought it might be a spark plug. I have had the car a year. The hesitation comes and goes. I plan on getting the plugs changed next week. I started using Lucas with every fill up. So far have used it 3 times.

You need to report exactly what codes came out of the computer. Format:
“P1234.” There are no codes that say things like “throttle body” or “replace your gas cap.” There are just codes that might make an auto parts person or mechanic say vague stuff like that.

You need to give us the exact code number, i.e. P0300. There are hundreds of codes that turn on the check engine light and even more causes. When AutoZone checks the code, they should input it into the computer in the store and give you a printout on cash register tape with the code at the top and possible causes listed below it. If you still have that paper, you can give us the code, otherwise go back to AZ and get another reading.

I asked for the code the Auto Zone guy said he didnt have them that the words came up throttle body

Never mind -others posted while I was typing.

okay just went to auto zone again p2135 is the only code, but they do not sell anything associated to throttle body

This code indicates a defective throttle position sensor (TPS). There are two elements inside the sensor and the code is saying that they disagree.

Since this seems to be an intermittent problem, I would start with the connector at the TPS. Look for any frayed wires at the connector. Disconnect the connector and see if you can see any contamination. The bath the connectors in 91% rubbing alcohol. Use a small squirt bottle or q-tips, but be carful not to bend any pins if you use q-tips.

Reconnect and drive for awhile. If the light returns, you may need to replace the TPS.

There is a TSB for this, I do not access to the TSB itself. You might want to check with a dealer on this.

TSB Number: TB-22-02041R NHTSA Number: 10036954 TSB Date: April 1, 2011 Date Added to File: April 22, 2011

Read the response by mad3963, the second post from the top.

I do not know where to look for this. I checked out the engine and the harnesses & conectors nothing seems to be cracked or broken. There is oil on some of the connectors this was due to a gasket they recently replace as It was leaking oil. I cant figue out how to unclip these connectors . Some of the black tape around some of the wires seem to be “melted” to the black housing they are in (like black ribbed plastic) could they be getting too hot from the engine and I need to re tape them?? i know nothing about cars except get the oil changed & check fluid levels

It pains me to say this, but I think that you need to go to the dealer with this one. Ask them to look up the TSB and see if it applies. It looks like the throttle body, if you need one is a dealer only item so one way or another, you end up at the mercy of the dealer. Bring cookies or doughnuts.

I would be concerned with what is going on under the melted tape. Maybe some wire insulation melted too. If you have any technically oriented friends, maybe you could get one of them to carefully unwrap the tape, check the insulation of the wire underneath, make any repairs and retape.

ugh this will be costly like 359.00 plus labor. I dont have the money for it now. This sucks.

At least see what’s going on under that melted tape. That won’t cost much.

I Don’t Know A Suzuki From A Bale Of Hay (Not Sold Near Here).
According To The Bulletin (# TS 22 05040) For 2006 -2008 Forenza Vehicles, A Check Engine Light And DTC P2135 Could Indicate Failure Of Integrated Parts Within The Throttle Body And/Or Its Related Circuits.

Inspect the Throttle Body. If you’ve got a blue or green dot, don’t replace it. Inspect the TPS circuit wiring / ECM connectors.

No green or blue dot ? Replace the Throttle Body.


where would this dot be?

“where would this dot be?”

See if you can search for and download the TSB (technical service bulletin) that I’ve mentioned or befriend somebody (parts or service staff) at your local(?) Suzuki dealer and see if they’ll make you a copy or help you check your Throttle Body.

The mark, if there is one, is on the “body” of the throttle body and shown in a photo contained within the TSB. They should be familiar with this problem, I would think.