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I have a Suzuki forenza - whoops! Anyway it is a 2007 automatic with about 25K miles. It started doing the following: while driving it will seem to slip into neutral and rev. For example, driving on the freeway at 65 mph; foot slightly on the gas it seemed to literally jump out of gear and the rpm shot up for a few seconds and then jumped back into gear. It also some times seems to clunk into reverse when backing up and occasionally seems to be in a lower gear than necessary when driving - revving while staying in gear - literally like it is in a lower gear than necessary. It has a 7 year/100,000 mile power train warranty. I took it to the dealer and they said they needed to replicate these things themselves before they could do anything about it. They would not just take my word. The service manager also said that it could be the computer system as opposed to the transmission itself.

I welcome all comments and ideas both about what is wrong and if I’m getting the runaround from the dealer. I left the car with the dealer so they could drive the car and replicate the problems - that was three days ago and inave heard nothing back from them yet. Thanks in advance.

What you have described certainly sounds like the transmission is about to sing its swan song.
Hopefully the dealership will deal with the problem in an honest and upfront manner right away, because Suzuki of America will cease operations sometime in the next few months, and at that point, warranty coverage will likely become a problem for you.

Try not to allow the dealership to string you along, as delays in dealing with the problem may leave you holding the bag for the full cost of repairs once Suzuki of America no longer exists in a few months.