SUV with Rear Opening Glass?



I currently have a 2008 Escape. You can open the rear glass separately from the rear hatch. This is a feature that we love because we travel with large dogs and can reach into to the back without opening the rear hatch. Now all the newer models of this Escape size SUV’s seem to have the “egg” shape and you can no longer open the rear glass. Does anyone know of a Small SUV that has this rear glass opening feature? Thanks


Lets see, you could actually leave the house and look. You could use the manufactures web sites or you could call the dealers and tell them what you need.


I don’t think there are any. You could build your own. Buy a crew cab pickup truck with a short bed and put a cap on it. Now the dogs have the pickup bed to themselves and you have two rows of seating. Maybe you can get a sliding rear window to talk to the dogs while you are on the road.


You can see vehicles on the road and in parking lots, but unless the owner is walking up, there is no way to really tell. You can look for a “glass” button, but you really don’t want to be snooping around on someone else’s car. Also, it is hard to tell the model year. I have looked at OEM websites and none express whether this feature exist or doesn’t. This is simply not something that a marketer bothers to mention about a vehicle. Traveling from dealer to dealer to search out this information is an option, but asking a group of car people seemed perhaps a bit easier.


I would add to Volvo’s comments that IMHO it’s folly to expect a bunch of strangers over the internet to find your car for you. This is really something you need to do for yourself.


@ the_same_mountainbik I am asking a bunch of strangers on a CAR TALK bulletin board. A place where people can ask questions about cars.Geez!


The Toyota Highlander has a rear hatch window that opens.


No mention of new or used or price range or where you are located. Seeing if a vehicle is what you might want is why there are car lots.


what a stupid answer. Isn’t this forum about cars and to ask car questions? What makes you the policemen of this forum?


Looks like 4runner has a rear window that opens also.

Tried the local chevy dealer

Wondering if any of your suv’s have a rear window that opens.

oh when can you come by?

It is not for me it is for a friend of mine and she does not like talking to salesmen.

Oh well when could she come by,

Hey it is a simple question can you answer it please.

Let me check (put on hold)

Couple of minutes later, we can do a nationwide search for any vehicle you want, when can she come in.

Just tell me is it an available option or not.

No an opening rear window is only an option on pickup trucks.

Now I am not sure he even understood or gave the correct answer to the question, but I would sure ask here first before calling another dealer.


are you a car salesman, Barkydog? :slight_smile:


No, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn express, more than once, maybe it is cumulative (remember the commercial) @kurtwm2010 though I am tempted to buy some plaid knickers for golf, so stereotypical used car sales fashion wardrobe would not be a problem. Hope others can make suggestions related to the original question.


As for Ford, they like their ‘wave the foot’ auto opening hatch now, so I don’t think they’ll also have an opening window. The new Explorer doesn’t, as far as I can tell.


I remember reading a while ago that this feature fell out of favor because many of these windows leaked over time. I have no idea if that’s accurate or not.


My 03 trailblazer is just fine, so is buds 09, bean counter were looking at the cost my guess. @lion9car


FWIW . . .

I tend to like Volvo’s responses

They are witty and get right to the point



Not all models do.


Hey Randy - are you looking for something brand new, or something newish (within the past few years)? I found a few recent models with a separate window opening. I haven’t vetted them by model year (there are probably exceptions), but a list I found included the Honda Pilot, Jeep Grand Cherokee, Nissan Pathfinder and Toyota Highlander (see earlier post). I’ve seen Tahoe/Suburban/Yukon models with the lift window and some 4Runners with the power window. The Jeep Wrangler with the hardtop option also works.

LIke I said, not all models continued the feature, so YMMV.

Good luck!


My 67 Buick station wagon had the retractable glass, but consider that opening the window in back, allows exhaust to be sucked back into the interior of the car. I know dogs like it, but fortunately I’m not a big fan of big dogs.


As I mentioned earlier not all highlander models window opens.

The 4Runner window rolls up and down like a car window. If you need a rear window the 4Runner window is the most versatile.