SUV with Rear Opening Glass?



That’s why I referenced your earlier post. And I would agree that a roll-down window would likely be the most handy for the OP’s intended purpose.


The OP has probably left the building. That said trying to answer this question is futile. Even if I had such a vehicle how would I know if there was enough room behind the seats for the dogs. Would the operation of the window be easy or annoying for the OP. This is simply a case where someone will have to do there on research.


Normally I agree, but this was a simple question: what small SUVs have flip open windows? No judgment call needed.


That is true. It is not complicated. All I am asking is do you know of any SUV models (Escape Class) that have a rear opening window.


Thank you, I’m looking for the same feature. Great when you have a bike rack on & just want to grab something out of trunk area!


They’re smaller and getting old, but the 2003-8 Toyota Matrix has the separate glass opening.
In 2009 the bean counters got their way and dropped the feature.


I stumbled across this page and while reading I was disappointed to find that some people do not know how to properly reply to a question. So I created this account simply to say that people like @VOLVO_V70 are not funny nor witty in their responses.


Thank you for your comment.


It is always not technical knowledge, I mean I know points (ie the ones you can adjust with a dwell meter), rebuilds etc. even diagnosed a bad fan clutch for a buds 2009, but the more the merrier, hang around!
As I say you cannot even go to sesame street without dealing with Oscar the grouch.


& remember that posters may have hidden agendas.


I guess the comical part is a negative comment on a negative comment. Hee hee. Some just don’t see the humor in that. Like I said though before, some people insist on letting management know when there is something they don’t like. It’s a control thing. Others just don’t go to that business any more and don’t think its their job to make corrections.