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Cargo van window conversion

I have a Ford E150 cargo van with fixed rear windows in the doors. I want to replace them with operable vent windows like I have on the side door. The doors are already prepped for the latch mechanism. I have had no luck with any Ford website or dealer in finding the hardware needed for this. Any ideas?

The hardware should be easy to find. When someone breaks into the van through one of these windows, you will need the hardware, and you’ll be able to find it. The hard part will be cutting them out and installing the right windows, which, I believe, is done at the factory.

Sorry I can’t be more help. When my parents bought a van, they opted for the roof vent instead. It was easier to install, and didn’t create a weak spot for thieves, but you couldn’t drive the van into parking garages. When we inherited my grandmother’s van, that had rear vent windows, thieves used one of the windows to break in, and my father had to replace the latch.

I just looked it up quick, but I don’t think they offer movable windows on the rear of Ford vans anymore. Everything listed in the later years ('00 & up or so) is stationary. Maybe CO concerns? Maybe a van conversion outfit would be of help.

95 is the last year for OE opening rear windows. A bone yard may be best to get all the parts in one place if they’re the same size.
Otherwise van/rv customizers ( like Glaval ) may have kits.

Go to junk yard to get the glass and all parts. While your there ask if they want your old glass. They may want it. It will be a better deal if you locate the parts there first and have the your glass out when you get there. Is your glass in a rubber moulding or is it the glued in? If its glued in you will need a glass shop to cut it out. They all so may take the glass for cutting it out.

The biggest reason they stopped offering these is that people would have them open for a long drive…
The whole time ingesting CO from the exhaust !!!