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Suv mileage

My rear driveshaft was removed by former owner. Bad carrier bearing. Been told vue sends 10% torque to rear wheels all the time so I wonder if not having a driveshaft has any affect on mileage? Hurts it? Or not? Vue seems peppy enough. Not like trans is slipping. But my hwy mileage is 20mpg which seems kinda low.

What year? 4 or 6 cyl? shows EPA estimates of 17 City, 23 highway, and 19 average for the 6-cyl with AWD. You aren’t too far off that, and if you drive fast, your mileage could suffer.

Did you know your AWD Vue was gutted by the previous owner before you bought it? If so, I hope you got a big discount. You might consider buying a rear drive shaft and reset ign the AWD.

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It’s hard to predict the full set of ramifications of a Vue configured w/ no rear drive shaft. It might confuse the transmission and engine and their computers b/c there’s not the expected load at the rear output. On the other hand, it might have little effect at all, and work just fine that way. Like I say, without someone w/hands-on experience on this topic, hard to know. I’m able to confirm it is possible to drive a 70’s Ford 4x4 truck that way for some distance without any trouble, if that helps.

Seller included driveshaft. Removing splined press fit driveshaft yoke after 14 yrs of mn salt spray is hard. Nothing a new $600 driveshaft won’t fix. More than I paid for vue.