Saturn Vue

I just had the transmission replaced in my 2003 Saturn Vue for the 2nd time. Should I trade it in now and cut my losses? Will GM even have a 2003 Saturn transmission if it goes again? Any thoughts on this??

I believe we had a previous post on this and that transmission was bad news. It is not a GM transmission and you will likely have difficulty in the future getting it serviced. Obama only made the company (GM) pledge that they would provide warranty service on those vehicles form the cancelled divisions, such as Hummer, Pontiac, Saturn.

If the car runs well now, it is still saleable. I would definitely sell it and buy something more mainstream from a company that will stay in business.

The best option would be to sell the Saturn outright instead of trading it in. I would not sell it to a friend or family member for obvious reasons.

If you had it replaced at the same shop that replaced it before, I would sell it. You might try to sell it to a used car dealer. Just take it in and ask them what they would give you for it. Make sure you know how much it is worth as a trade-in before you decide. This will tell you what your SUV is worth as a trade. You can then go looking for another car. Selling it yourself to a private party will be a lot harder than selling it to a dealer or trading it in, but you can often get a couple thousand more for it. If you give us a complete description if you Vue (engine, mileage, transmission, AWD/FWD, options, your zip code) we can help you price it.