2007 Saturn Vue and shocks

I just purchased a 2007 Saturn Vue with only 19,000 miles. Mint condition, clean car fax and runs great. The only thing I need to address is the noise the shocks make. I am assuming that since there is only 19,000 miles they don’t need replacing. It sounds like they need WD 40. I checked for leaks and there are none visible. Any suggestions?

It’s probably not the shocks themselves. There are a couple of places where the suspension can make noise in the Vue. The front struts can make noise at the top bushings – rubber rings where the strut mounts to the frame under the hood.

Also, there is a lower front suspension noise that is also bushings, but I forget exactly where in the suspension those noisy bushings are. There is a TSB (technical service bulletin) for it that any shop can look up.

You should have the suspension inspected to make sure the old owner isn’t hiding an accident or something else that damaged the suspension. But if it checks out with no structural flaws, then you have the choice of fixing the noise or living with it, since it is harmless as long as there is not associated damage.

By the way, do you have the CVT (constantly variable transmission) on the 4-cylinder engine?

thank you so much and I hope I don’t find out there is structural damage as the carfax was clean. But then again…
Yes, I have the V-6 VUE with the CVT and I feel the difference. It’s is very smooth. So far so good.

The reason I asked is that the CVT they used in the 4 cylinder engines was a pile of crap. By the time they got around to putting the CVT in the V6 they had redesigned it, so you should be ok.

Carfax will show anything that was reported to the insurance company (usually) but it won’t show if he hit a curb or a big pothole and knocked something loose. If you did not have a thorough inspection before buying you should now. Brakes, suspension, belts, etc.