Suspension noise after bushing install

Let me try and give all the information here. I was installing new ball joints when a certain bolt on the control arm gave me some trouble. This bolt holds the front of the control arm onto the subframe (drivers side). After beating on it I finally gave up as it was rusted solid to the bushing sleeve. I took out the entire subframe and cut the bolt destroying the bushing in the process. I decided to install new polyurethane bushings (not my first time doing this) in the subframe, control arms and sway bar mounts. I had some trouble getting the drivers side tie rod loose so I ended up replacing the inner and outer on the drivers side. Suspension now has a pronounced “pop” that I can reproduce when the car is sitting still and of course while driving. It does not do this all the time. I parked it last night and the next morning I could not produce a pop or creak. I did not drive it again. Struts are relatively new as are wheel bearings. Sway bar end links aren’t that old either. I’ve loosened and tightened every control arm, subframe and crossmember bolt. No change. I disconnected the sway bar to rule it out. No change. Car is a 1993 Eagle Talon Tsi AWD. It is stock ride height. I have been working on these for 18 years so I’m no stranger to it’s design and repair. I’m stumped on this one. Only thing I can think of is maybe I damaged the subframe or control arm when I was trying to get that bolt out. I see no visual clues. The control arm was tightened down with the load on the wheels. The pop is so strong you can feel it in the floorboard. I give up. The bushing set is energy suspension black graphite impregnated parts and they were liberally greased with the supplied lubricant. There were no abnormal noises before this job. I checked every single bolt I touched during the install just to be sure. All tight and yes I mean ALL of them. I’ve disassembled the front end of cars like this many many times, never had a problem until now. This is the first time I’ve done it on this particular car. It is a southern rust free car. I suspect the bushing already there rusted to the bolt as it was not an OEM part. It was already a urethane bushing. The new parts are liberally coated with antiseize also.

Polyurethane bushings are notorious for making noise unless they are lubricated on install and sometimes periodically throughout their life. An alternative is polygraphite which is much quieter and provides a similar level of resistance to deflection. Did you grease the actual bushing and sleeve interface? Poly bushings need a synthetic grease that is compatible with them- if you did grease them, what did you use?

These are the polygraphite bushings. I am aware urethane bushings can make some noise but I am not aware of any normalpopping noises. I have owned several sets both plain and polygraphite and never had any noise out of any of them of any sort let alonen popping. They were greased liberally on all surfaces including the bushing/sleeve interface with the supplied grease from energy suspension.