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Please tell me what this part is

I have a 2007 Nissan Murano a friend got under my car while I was turning the wheels and finally told me what the problem is with my front end. I attached a picture of it. It’s on the drivers side behind the wheel he said it’s connected to the “a” arm? I need to know what the part is so I can get it fixed. Thanks everyone !

It looks like a control arm bushing.



We’ve replaced CV axles, struts, just did the sway bar links and bushings, let the car down off the Jack’s and it’s still making the Popping noise :unamused: back to the parts store I go I guess :sob:

Worn control arm bushings are a pretty common source of suspension system noises. Strut mounts are another.

Don’t drive with that control arm out of its mount.

Can anyone explain how to change this part?

Try this:

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who did the work? if you can change a strut assy, you can certainly change a control arm. these are $100 or so online. thats a moog brand. ok quality. i would put money on the strut mount. did you install assembled struts? or did you or someone only replace the strut and reuse the other parts?

Be careful with Moog. Their “direct fit” parts aren’t always direct fit. Some require modification, often with a cutting disc, and some can’t be modified enough to fit.

Rather than continuing to throw parts at it, it would likely be cheaper and more efficient to take it to a mechanic.

I took it to my dealership. They told me it was the sway bar bushings and endlinks.

Find another shop. A high school vo-tech student would know better.

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