Help Broken rear deferential how much should it cost?

I have a 2001 Ford Excursion Limited with all the bells and whistles–only 100k miles on it–rear deferential is broken mechanic is quoting between 2K (for a used deferential) and up to 3K for a new one. Truth is don’t even want the truck anymore, but don’t know how to sell a broken car…is 2-3 K the right price or a rip off…

That should be a $600 part without the brakes in most salvage yards.

By used does your mechanic mean junkyard part or has it been remanufactured?

How broken is it?

Around here a complete differential from drum to drum can be had for about 400 bucks; give or take a bit.

They’re not difficult to change out so labor should not be extreme. My advice is to price this around and your best bet may be to contact a reputable salvage yard that can do installations.
Some yards will install what they sell for a nominal fee and guarantee it to boot.

Check eBay, Craigslist, etc. Caddyman mentions a 600 dollar part so here you go if you’re in that area.

THANK YOU! So I have NO personal mechanical skills at all (stay at home mom)–the excursion had to be towed from the middle of the freeway where it collapsed to the mechanic–he told me it took him the better part of the day to get into the differential “area” and that he still hasn’t found the piece that has broken off inside. I see the part is $550/600–and I can research salvage yards but it will have to be towed there (not an issue if I save 100’s of dollars) as my ultimate goal is to sell the truck now, not keep it–just want to get it running to get it sold–but I also don’t want to sell someone a car that’s a dud–think calling salvage yards is the route? (Have to ask if mechanic is doing a junk or remanufactured part…

It’s rare for one of these to fail. A salvage yard part should be fine. I think the price they’re quoting you is insane. I haven’t priced one of these in about 15 years, but I had this happen on a car I had and got one for under $100 from a junkyard and installed it myself. (it was a chore) There should be enough of these in salvage yards, especially with the now-defunct ‘cash for clunkers’ program that I would think it would be easy to locate a good one. There is a lot of labor to change this, but $2000 is just crazy talk in my opinion.

A friend of mine had to have a remanufactured limited slip differential installed in his 2004 Crown Vic. It ran about $2k for the repair. He was stunned too.

Ed B.

back in 1992 I had a datsun truck, the differential broke down on the freeway offramp. I have some skills, not mad skills, but some. I jacked it up, took out the bad unit, borrowed a friends car, took it to Ecology parts yard, found a replacement, exchanged and paid about 65 bucks. Then drove back, installed it, dropped the truck back down, returned my friends car, and drove to school, all in less than 3 and 1/2 hours. This is not rocket science, and it should not cost more than 5 or 6 hundered bucks. someone is trying to rip you off.