Convert you own car to Hydrogen?

I have seen a lot of instruction kits for sale. The idea is that you put together these items and attach it to your fuel line. You add water to it and you will now get 40% better gas mileage with any car. Has anyone ever tried this? Does it work?

No it does NOT work. But go ahead and spend YOUR money and waste YOUR time…then report back.

Thousands have tried it, all have been disappointed. And there are no refunds.

In order for this to save any significant gasoline, you will need to use a good bit of hydrogen. That means your engine response will change. What are the chances that the ECU will retime the engine to run on hydrogen? You run the risk of detonation problems. I’d stay away from it.

The thing that worries me about these useless and possibly dangerous ‘so-called’ fuel mileage extenders, is that someone who is not at least a ‘bit’ knowledgeable about how engines work will blow themselves up while experimenting.

Roadrunner has a point about someone getting hurt with some of this stuff. Maybe if and when it does happen a lawsuit or two will beat some of these bogus things down a bit after a bit of national press.

This hydrogen scam has become so monotonous that every time I see a post about it I automatically think of the movie Lord of the Rings where they’re looking out at all of the Orcs, with each Orc representing yet another post on this subject.
“And so it begins…”

Good points about the safety issue. When Popular Science tested a selection of these various “miracle” devices, one of them started a fire in the engine compartment. Twice.

I converted my car to hydrogen, and it floated away!

Any other silly questions? Because I’ve got a million silly answers.