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What causes the RPM gauge suddenly jumps

My car accelerates very slow. A lot of time when I enter the highway or going up the ramp/hill, I step on the gas, the RPM meter stops at almost 2 for 3-4 seconds then suddenly jumps to 3. I just brought to the dealership and had them change all oil and fluid. Also have it to flushed. But still didn’t fix the issue. The engine light never turns on tho. Could the battery cause this hesitation? Because they said the battery life was very low. I do experience slow startup. Any idea? Thanks

I doubt that an oil/filter change would make any difference. I think you have a more severe problem, but it can be one of many things. What comes to mind are:
Clogged fuel filter
dirty or clogged injectors
dirty air flow sensor
lack of fuel at the injector (fuel pump)
vacuum leak
It could be the battery, but not likely in my opinion. I would have that tested before you dish out the money for it

Edit: Was that a dealership or a quick lube place for oil changes? A dealership should have looked for the problem if you told them the symptoms and not just told you about a battery’s short life. What is short, 1,2,3,4,5,6 years?

If the engine is actually speeding up – you should be able to hear it – but the vehicle speed doesn’t respond accordingly, that usually means something inside the transmission is slipping. I don’t see the make/model/year of your car, but newer automatics can show weird symptoms when the electrical system isn’t working properly, like if the battery is not properly charged. A proper transmission service is usually what you’d do first with this symptom, once the battery problem is resolved.

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Purchase a new battery before it leaves you stranded some place.

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Is the Check Engine Light on? You didn’t say, but it would be helpful to know for sure.

Also so is a Rav 4 per your header, what year? Miles? What transmission?

Ordinarily I’d agree, but I’m thinking hold off until it gets diagnosed. I think @GeorgeSanJose is on to something, and OP is gonna find out that there’s a very expensive transmission repair in this car’s future, and may choose to get a different car instead in which case that’s money wasted on a battery.

Although none of us has any clue regarding the model year, the odometer mileage, or the maintenance history of this Rav-4, I think that a transmission problem is a very strong possibility.

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