SunVisor Repair, Mercury Grand Marquis 2008

2008 Mercury Grand Marquis

Passenger side lighted vanity mirror on the sun visor has cracked plastic parts. I want to bring the entire sun visor into the house to work on glueing things back together. Dismounting is simple; only three Phillips head screws. My problem is the electrical connector which I do not want to break and thereby compound my problem.

The connector looks like a simple plug into socket, similar to a cigarette lighter, but I am not sure. Do any of you know? Do I simply grab it with a pair of plyers and pull, or do I twist and pull, or do I unscrew it like a light bulb, or is there some other ‘secret’ connection method.

If anyone knows, I would appreciate your input.

Usually, they pull straight apart…BUT…There will be a tiny locking tang that locks the connector together…You probably must lift a little clip to release the connector…Study it closely and it will reveal it’s secret…

Agree with Caddyman.