Sunroof: To Wait or Not To Wait?

Look at the Nissan Pathfinder, It looks like it might have what you are looking for available now.


What happened to the S10?

If you told us what’s going on, maybe we could give you a few pointers. Perhaps you could have it repaired economically, and drive it for awhile longer.

If it’s something relatively minor, such as brakes, fuel pump, water pump, or something along those lines, it might be worth getting it going again.

At least you’d have a truck to drive, while you waited for that factory sunroof option to become available, if you’re set on getting that Jeep

Personally, I would stay away from a Jeep, though. For reliability reasons, primarily

Are you going to take this new truck offroad, at all?

The standard Renegade has only a 1.4L turbo charged four cylinder engine. I hope the OP is looking at the 2.4L normally aspirated four. Personally I’d shy away from anything made by Fiat, but that’s just me. Remember, I still own an MG, or five, so I must be nuts.

Fix It Again Tony


Consumer reports is testing one now, this is the first impression

Hard for me to take someone who chooses to look like a hobo seriously.

@jtsanders. You are absolutly right in your assessment of older cars and the reliability of Asian cars in general during that time. But, at least according to this article, though times have changed for Asian models, they have not so much for Fiats. Some were not happy about the merger. Some of thier product s are excellent in performance as many have always been. But even world wide, reliability has not been synonymous with the word “Fiat”.

Granted, this article is a few years old but it does take more then five years to change one’s reputation. Fiat has not with most…yet.


Hard for me to take someone who chooses to look like a hobo seriously.

I see three guys in jeans and button-down shirts. The shirts are pressed; the jeans are stain- and tear-free. I think the one guy has hair gel in, fer cryin’ out loud!

Which one looks like a hobo, and why?

I would forget both the Jeep and the sunroof…There are FAR better choices out there…The allure of a sunroof lasts only until they start to leak or don’t function properly…

The Ford Flex and Edge have an optional panoramic sunroof you can get

If you're the kind of person who just can't get enough natural light, the available multi-panel Vista Roof will definitely be on your list of must-have features. The Vista Roof consists of four skylights covering all three rows of occupants. A power moonroof sits over the 1st row. The 2nd row has two openings. And a larger single skylight is over the third row.

We had a car, an 05 Malibu as I recall, with a sunroof that opened upward at the back end so we could leave it slightly open while the car was parked in case of a light rain. It was useful for helping with ventilation in hot weather while parked with our dog in the car while we ate in a restaurant, etc. A sliding sunroof would simply not do for this purpose if there is rain.

Beyond that, sunroofs appear to be a fad that came and mostly went as few new cars have them now because people have realized their limited usefulness. When you are riding down the road, you will look out of the windshield and side windows and almost never up to see what the sunroof view has to offer because normally there is nothing.

?? Sunroofs are far from an old fad, they are now now more common than ever. I wish I could find more cars without them.

Or did you mean the old style pop up only ones? Yes, those are pretty much gone.

My 2005 Accord EX V6 has a sunroof that slides open and pops up at the back if that is all I want. I imagine that feature is still available.

Sunroofs are most certainly NOT a fad

In fact, they’ve become more expensive and sophisticated than ever, in recent years

As said, those “removable” sunroofs are a thing of the past, like t-tops . . .


I think the ‘fad’ comment, was about this kind, installed with a saw:

Have you checked out the Forester, they have large sunroofs.

One reason for its “popularity” is that it is a mandatory option in order to get other desirable options. It was required in 2014 for Subaru’s if you wanted the rear view camera and for Toyota’s if you wanted heated seats.

I finally got to see a new Jeep Renegade on the road yesterday, and it was sort of cute…in a baby-Jeep sort of way.

What I thought ironic however, was the tail lights on this vehicle. In the center of each rear light is a white “X”, which contrasts sharply with the red around it.

It reminded me of “x-ing out” something on a website. However, I had already X-ed out this vehicle as a possible contender.


Thanks texases, yes I was referring to pop-up and slide open sunroofs. Sunroof apparently has morphed to include “roof windows” that don’t open.

Well, slide open roofs are very common, and becoming ever more common.