Driver side window only goes up in small increments

I have a 2001 cavalier Z24 with power windows and the driver side window will only go up about an inch at a time. After which it just stops and I have to wait about 5 minutes before it will move again. The window still goes down no problem. It’s only when the window’s going up that it happens.

After 12 years this is a lubrication issue.
To properly lubricate the channels you’d take off the trim pannel to get to them.
But ask a real body shop if lubing from the top or from the inside is best…or experiment with the simpler top lube to see.

My 08 Expedition is cold weather sticky on the upstroke too…but my breaker recycles within five seconds so I can keep moving it up in quick increments as the snow blows in.

Might also be a wear issue if the channels were lined with felt or nylon and that has worn out.
Lubing may help in this case too.
Otherwise new channels are needed.

@Sabin07 the window motors have a thermal limiter built in. Your window motor is getting weak.
It takes less to lower the window, versus raising it.

Replace the window motor and you’ll be fine.

You have the CLASSIC scenario of an old, weak window motor

Think about it.

Which window motor do you use the most?

Now that you’ve thought about it, which one do think will get weak first?

Good point db4690, the driver side one would definitely wear out the fastest. looks like im off to the parts store tomorrow.


Good luck with that

And please post the final results

I replaced several egulator/motor combos on a 1998 Buick Regal. I finally found that Dorman made decent ones that would last longer than 1 year. If you price them at the dealer, it is likely to be $300+. Here’s thei part, plus sone installation information:

You can buy them on line at a number of places, like Amazon or eBay Motors, as well as others. It will cost about $100.

I got it replaced and without too much difficulty. I ordered a new motor/regulator assembly from rockauto for 75$.Only major issue I had replacing it was I had to drill a rivet out to get the old one off. but other than that it was pretty straight forward job.

These are all good suggestions, but I’ll add one more. Have you disconnected the battery recently? Mine was disconnected recently to change the alternator, and my passenger side window wouldn’t work right. I had to “reinitialize” the program in the Body Control Module. Once I did that the problem was solved.

@Sabin07 Congratulations!