Sun shades on outside of car


This topic came up a few months back on the radio program. Tom and Ray mentioned how some people put their sun shades on the outside of the car, setting on top of the windshield.

I can imagine this works extremely well because, if nothing else, the windshield should theoretically stay cool and not radiate heat into the cabin.

Does anyone have any tips on how to set up the sun shade so that it stays put? I’m worried that it will blow away in a small summer breeze. I tried to put my sun shield just under the wipers and it’s passable, but doesn’t make me feel completely confident.

Any ideas?


The only way to keep a shade from blowing away would be to use elastic cords or something similar to keep the shade in place. Where you would hook them on a modern vehicle is beyond me. Then there’s the problem of folding and stowing a wet sun shield after an unexpected rain shower. I’ll continue to position mine on the inside of the windshield, where it can’t blow away or be stolen.


If you’re that serious about shielding the interior from the sun, why not just use a car cover? That way the sun can’t get in ANY of the windows.


You have more to worry about then it just blowing away.

How about somone stealing it??

What about Rain??

They do NOT belong on the outside of the vehicle. They belong on the inside.


You could always us the elastic cords: one end attached to the sunscreen and the other around the door mounted rear-view mirrors.


that is a great idea. like two loops on each side of the sun screen - almost like wrap-around glasses around the cars “ears”



There is a windshield snow cover product called Axius Sno-Off. It?s a heavy opaque gray plastic cover that has an extended ?wing? at each end that tucks into the door frames to hold it in place. It comes in two sizes: regular and jumbo. I have the regular size that fits the windshield of my Pontiac Bonneville. Check your local auto parts store.

The cover is designed to keep snow and ice from coating your windshield. I bought two to cover both my front and rear windows. It does a decent job in the winter. I suppose you could use them to keep your car cooler in the summer time. If it?s windy outside, they can be a little tricky to install. I tuck the bottom edge of the cover under my wipers to help keep them in place. Each ?wing? has a suction cup that you can use to hold the cover in place by sticking it somewhere in the interior. I never use them. Just position the cover, open the door and stick the cover ?wing? inside and close the door. Repeat on the passenger side.

Seems like a lot of work in comparison to a regular folded sun shade?


Just about what I use.
I have a 4x6ft plastic tarp I do the same with in winter up here.

Lock it in the doors.