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How to remove dents from a door see picture

Its the dent in the drivers rear door what’s the best way to get that out

Its gonna look like crap no matter what you do unless you do the whole works which includes straightening, filler, and painting. Its too big for paintless dent removal. To do it halfway, take a plunger to it and pull on it. To do it a little better, you need to take the inside door panel off and push it out.

When a door is that badly dented, it’s replaced with a straight door from a junkyard.


Here’s another thought . . .

leave it alone, unless you can’t sleep at night

If the dent doesn’t interfere with the window regulator or door locks . . .

Might want to ask a paintless dent guy for an opinion and possible estimate

I’d replace it as said above. There were lots of these made. Drop by a salvage yard, they’re hooked into national network.

Just make sure you get the same color, if you’re going that route

I’d rather have a dented green door, versus a straight red door . . .

Yeah replacing it would be a good option but me thinks its about $250 last time I checked. But if you can get the same color, you can make a deal for the rear bumper cover at the same time.

I’d take the inner door panel off and just push it out as best as possible.

I can tell a lot of you people haven’t done body repair before.

First, if you look at the door, the sheet metal has groove stamped in it where side molding mounts. That groove stiffens the sheet metal. This would be the same as having a C-channel welded to the sheet metal. So you’re not going to just pop the sheet metal out.

Second, look at how quickly the dent occurs and how deep it is. This has stretched the metal. Even if that groove wasn’t stamped in the sheet metal, and you were able to pop out the dent, the sheet metal would oil-can. This means the sheet metal would pop out too far. And if you were to try to push it back in, the dent would return to it’s original position. The sheet metal would never stop at it’s original shape.

So, either replace the door, or live with the dent.


27-1/2 pounds of bondo should do the trick…

Seriously, you can probably get a door in the same color from a boneyard. They made gazillions of these. If not, you can order a new shell online… but they’re not cheap.

Or, with respect to Tester, I might try banging it out with a wooden or rubber mallet or a dolly & mallet, then contour it with a bondo and refinish it. Yeah, I’ve done body work, and the reality is that there’s no way to get a professional quality job without going to a professional… who’ll just replace the shell. But if you’re not as excited by a good challenge as I am, and you plan to keep the car until it’s totally shot anyway (like I do), you’re probably better just to let it be.