Sudden oil usage

I was very surprised when my f150 used 3 quarts of oil quickly(in about 300 miles). I changed the oil, and it looked normal, and it happened again. The truck has 125,00 miles, and runs great. There is no oil in the the radiator fluid and vise versa. I will have it changed again today and keep a very close eye on it. I would say there are no leaks, but maybe t does leak when I drive. Can’t easily prove that yet. Any ideas?

I’d think that if you lost 3 quarts in 300 miles all due to a leak you’d be able to see evidence of it somewhere on or around the engine. Did you look very carefully when you changed the oil?

Check the PCV valve.

ah yes, the pcv valve…probably invented by the oil companies themselves to insure oil consumption remains as high as possible. I will have it checked by a mechanic since it is 2 degrees outside and there is no option for me to work on my vehicle out side of the nasty weather here. Thanks for the advice…Greg