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99 F150 using oil

My Dad has a 99 F-150 with the 4.6 V-8, with just over 100k on it. He’s telling me that sometimes it burns up to 1qt of oil in only 2,000 miles, and sometimes he says it will hardly burn any, (he drove it from Wi to Ohio and it burned on the way there, but not the way back). Ive looked for leaks and found none and he has never seen any drips under the truck either…any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

For an engine with more than 100K on the clock, using a quart of oil every 2K miles isn’t bad at all. Many engine manufacturers consider it normal if an engine uses a quart every 1K!

In short, don’t worry. Engines start using oil when they get enough miles on them. Just make sure your dad keep an eye on the oil level and adds it as necessary. On most vehicles, one quart will bring the level on the dipstick from ADD to FULL.

And that quart every 1,000 miles is on NEW engines!

I agree with Budd. This usage is normal.

Was there any difference in the way the truck was loaded or driven? Higher speeds and heavier loads will increase oil use. If the PCV valve has not been replaced, do it now. One quart in 2000 miles is terrific.