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dont know where its going i have no leaks

dosent smoke tail pipe is dry yet i drove

122 mi 2 qrts gone i changed pc valve

still no better no oil anyware everything is dry?

2 quarts in 122 miles? That’s a lot of oil.

What are you driving? Year, make, model, engine type, etc. This is important information. All cars are NOT the same.

A clogged PCV valve cannot in any way cause an engine to blow out 2 quarts of oil in 122 miles. And I agree wholeheartedly with McP’s request for information.

Was the oil full when you started the 122 mile measurement drive(s)? Did you check it?
Did this happen immediately after an oil change? Was it done by a quicky lube joint?

Have you checked underneath the engine for signs of oil leakage?

The only ways an engine can go through that much oil without leaving a puddle are:
(1) improper measurement; include in that assumptions such as assuming it was full when you left an oil change place.
(2) leakage. That amount would suggest an improperly installed oil drain plug or an improperly installed filter…perhaps failure to remove the old filter gasket (they can stick to the mounting surface).

every time iget on the free way the truck is dry underneath 1997 ram with 68 th on it its got fool all to mutch even had someone follow this is towing a tralor

Am I correct in understanding that:

it uses this much oil only on the freeway?
you’ve looked at the underside of the vehicle and it has no oil residue?
you had someone follow you to see if you were burning oil and there was no smoke?
it does this when towing a trailer?

What model truck?
What engine?
What size trailer?
Has it spent it’s 12 year life towing this trailer?

Read the original post. This is going to be like pulling teeth.

Then there’s the spelling.

worry about the problem not my spelling
truck is 1500 ram dodge incase you dont know what a ram is
78.000mi no has not ben towing before
tow a open car trailer with a 3200hundred .pound car

Hard to know what the problem is based on your replies. Anyway, Dodges of this vintage are known for belly pan gasket leaks that can cause high oil consumption. To quote from another forum.

“Look down your throttle body (open the butterfly valve) and if you see an oil lick your intake belly pan is gasket leaking. There won’t be any oil on the ground and no smoke.”

thank you will check that makes sence.