2006 dodge eats oil

why does my 2006 dodge truck use a qt of oil every 1500 miles. no leaks. no smoke ???

A large amount of high speed driving could cause this,you don’t give a guy to much to work with,but I like a challenge. Most likey your truck was built to such low standards of design and workmanship you should be happy it isn’t worse.

Has it always used this much, did it increase gradually, or was there a sudden increase? One cheap, easy thing to test is the PCV valve. Try changing that and go from there.

That is really cold, Sure things can happen but to totally dish Chrysler is mean, unwarranted and undocumented, as far as I know, enlighten me if I am wrong.

I’m with Beads on this one. I’d also like to know how many miles it has on it.

Manufacturers generally consider a quart every 1500 miles to be within the normal range even for a new vehicle, even though most of us would consider it high usage. Unless it represents a recent change in operation, as long as everything including the PCV valve is in normal working order you may not have an actual problem. Especially if it has a lot of miles on it.

This Has Not Been My Experience With Chrysler Engines. My 3.5L, 24V, Dual TBs, Has Been BulletProof, Now At 250,000 Miles.

It has never consumed oil.


it has 64,000 I have it for 1 year

Is this a sudden change in useage or has it consistantly used this much since you bought it?

If it’s used this much consistantly since you bought it, it’s normal usage. It is well within th range of what’s considered accaptable and I would not be concerned about it.

If it’s a sudden change in useage, post back.