Sucking sound from 2002 BMW 530


I have a 2002 BMW 530i. After a year, I hear a sucking sound after I turned off the engine. BMW dealer cannot find the problem. I still hear that noise until now. Mileage is 58,000.

Is that for real? An 18 year old car with 58K?

Your problem is not unique… I found this answer on;

i took apart my entire intake tract and stuck a mirror inside and spent a good 10 minutes starting and stopping my car. I finally found what causes it. As the Throttle body gets old, the motor gets a bit of play in it. When you shut the car off, there’s a bit of vaccuum in the manifold that pulls the TB shut. As this vacuum pressure starts to go, it lets go of the worn TB and all of the vacuum rushes out. Hence the SWOOSH…

I’d ignore it. It doesn’t hurt anything, it is just annoying.


Thank’s for your response. Yes, I have only 58,000 miles on my BMW. I barely use this car. I can’t figure out why the dealership failed to find the problem. My neighbor who was stationed in Germany bought the same car and has the same problem.