2004 BMW 530i : 73k miles : Sputters and Stops at Low Speeds



Our car sputtered for a few months. Basically, at low speeds (either in traffic OR stopped at a traffic light) car would sputter and completely STOP. I’ve to put it back in “PARK” and restart.

Just last week it that several times while coming back from work and then, eventually completely STOPPED to restart. It will try to crank up and but would not. After giving it 20minutes break - when I tried, it restarted again. Not sure what’s going ON or what I should loook at. Any guidance is immensely appreciated…

thanks much,


Have you performed a basic (but complete) under hood inspection yet? do you see anything out of place,do you know what to look for,like rodent damage or perhaps a boot on the intake side dislodged? how is mainteance? your car could simply be suffering from lack of mainteance?

Way down the road there are some known issues with the throttle body. This comes after other more "normal’ failures are ruled out.