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Suburban - Squeal/Groan comong from right front of engine

2003 Chevy suburban, 115K miles, accelerating i hear a squeal/groan/clicking noise coming from right front of engine. did not happen this winter, started again in spring. loses power if stay on accelerator. if let off and then reapply, it will momentarily go away. appears to be only when air conditioning on. bad AC or just the pully?

Can’t tell from here. Someone needs to look at it hands-on.

If you choose to do this yourself, there are a few ways that the source of these types of noises can be found. One is with a “mechanic’s stethescope”, or even a metal rod or tube. Touch the bracket for the discrepant pulley and the vibrations will migrate up the stechescope/rod/tube. Another option is to remove the belt(s) and hand-check the pulleys for looseness (axial and/or lateral play). Sometimes you can even see glaze on the pulley of a binding component.