2003 Jeep Wrangler Squeal

I own a 2003 Jeep Wrangler and for the past 4 months I have had a squeal coming from the right side front of the engine when coming off the gas. However when I get below 25mph while slowing to a complete stop the sound goes away in most cases. My mechanic has replace the tension pullie along the the serpentine belt and the sound still persists

Has anybody looked at the idler pulley? If the idler pulley bearing is worn, you’ll get a squeal.

I Dont’ Know If This Information Applies To You Or Not.
When Discussing Engines, We Need To Know Which engine You’ve Got.
Do You Have Air Conditioning ?

FWIW, Chyrsler Published A Technical Service Bulletin, Pertaining To 2003 - 2005 Liberty/Cherokee And 2003 -2006 Wranglers That Have The 2.4L Engine, To Help Jeep Technicians With Jeep Complaints.

Athough the bulletin was written to remedy a chirp like sound from the accessory drive belt that is most noticeable at idle and during high ambient temperatures, Chrysler felt compelled to modify both the original design with a different belt ( actually, 2 different belts - one for vehicles with A/C and one without A/C ) required and in some cases a different belt routing.

They also advise technicians to first be sure that the front surface of the power steering pulley center hub is flush with the end of the shaft on the power steering pump.

I’d search for or somehow obtain a copy of the 4 page TSB # 07-001-06 and have a look. It names part numbers and has illustrations of belt routings. You may decide to go with the mod.


Greetings again, Thanks for the input and more questions. Here are the answers to the new questions posed. 2003 Jeep Wrangler Sport is a 6 Cyclinder, 4.0L. The Idler pulley / Tension pulley has been replaced along with installing a new serpentine belt. These have not remedy the problem. I have suggested to my mechanic what he thought about the Power Steering pump to which he said, “Unless I can hear it I can’t make a good diagnosis on it.” I am currently in for $200 and would like to get this problem fixed but not at the expense of continuing to guess. The belt was 10 years old and the pulley had play in it. The Altenator is currently showing a strong charge when placed on the computer and the max allowable load being placed on it. Any ideas???

Anyone please help…

You say coming off the gas at 25mph. Does it make the noise when not moving? If not it’s probably not anything to do with the belt system. If so, get someone to run the engine up to the 25mph rpms while you poke around with a long screwdriver-stethoscope.

I just went to the garage and had my mechanic look at another possibility. However that was not it and the hunt continues. As I slow the squeals also dies out, only after an hour drive from work does it tend to stay audible for approximately 4 to 8 minutes. It can’t be heard at high speeds only due to the rag top. As I slow to stop at a light or sign then one can hear the noise but it slowly dies out. Always as I get off the accelerator is when it is heard…Help Anyone!!!