Squealing Engine

During the summer, my engine started this horrible screaching sound when I flipped on the AC. The sound would intensify as I accelerated up to driving speed then stop. The sound would return when I stop at a light. Early on, the sound would go away once the engine was warmed up. How do I get rid of this horrible sound? The car and AC all work fine except for the annoying noise. Thanks.

Checking the belt and tension is step 1.

Replace the accessory drive belts. And make sure they are properly tensioned.

If you told us the make and model of your car it would help.

A lot.

The car is a 2005 Scion XB. I bought it used and it has about 85000 miles on it.

Its either a belt or pulley problem. Putting a new belt on is the cheapest place to start, and even if it doesn’t help, I’m sure it needs one.

If it continues to screech with a new belt then someone has to figure out what is screeching. It seems likely to me that it may be the compressor bearings (not cheap), although the extra load the AC puts on the system might just be making issues with one of the other pulleys show up.