My squeaking annoying kia

01 kia sportage 4 cylinder dohc engine 70000 miles. problem is i first started hearing a slight squeaking coming from the pulleys (alternator,ac compressor etc.) i dismissed it but now on some days its very noticable oh and i can only hear it when idling i bet its still there when accelerating though. im takin it to my friend who is a car person to and ive already looked at it the alternator and ac sound quiet so im guess it might be the power steering pump. im not sure at the moment. any suggestions?

Try spraying the belt (lightly) with water (Use a spray/squirt bottle).

You may have to remove the belt(s) one at a time to see if a worn belt is the fault or perhaps turn the (belt free, engine off) pulleys one at a time while listening for scratchy/scraping noises.

Another way would be to use a length of hose, a long screwdriver or better yet, a mechanics’ stethoscope and listen at each unit.
Belts on and engine idling.
Caution: Keep loose clothing, etc. away from any moving parts.

ok. man that sounds fun might have to include my brother for the belt job. i just hope aone of them isnt about to seize. if one is hard to turn does it show anything like life or seize probabilty?

anyone else have a couple suggestions to?