Suburban 1996 V8 2 door 5.7L Door Lock

I have Suburban 1996 V8 2 door 5.7L

I changed the locks, inside handle, outside handle, and actuator on all the doors, except the right back door, which won’t open for me to fix.

Question 1: Where do I find the wiring diagram. Ihave the chilton’s manual. However, it does not have the diagram for FOB reciever wiring and how it interfac with relay.

Question 2: I can lock all three doors using the FOB. However, I can only unlock Driver door with FOB. The iside door switch unlocks all 3 doors. The FOB cannot unlock the other two. The correct way to open the other two doors by pressing the FOB twice within 5 seconds.

FOB is the remote which unlocks and locks doors.