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I have a 99 suburban that holds me hostage. I can’t slide the door locks up or down manually without great force, and now the back passenger door won’t respond with the automatic door opener, it stays unlocked. I won’t drive because that’s where my son sits in car seat, and it’s unsafe to not be able to lock doors.

Chickaboom, Congratulations For Keeping The 99 Suburban On The Road For 12 Or More Years !

No offense, but it is a senior citizen in “car years.” With that said, you are probably going to have to have somebody remove interior door trim panels and see if the locks can be freed up.

The one that won’t lock could have that same problem (caused by age and corrosion) or something else, even electrical issues.

It shouldn’t be a real big deal. Do you have a regular, trusty mechanic or are you a DIYer ?

If needing a mechanic, call all around. This is one of those where estimates could vary considerably. Find somebody with a good attitude, skills, and reasonable prices. Ask them what they think is going on to assess their ability.


Thanks for the quick response. If you think that’s old, we’re still tooling around in a 94 Camry too! We generally are DIYers, and were concerned it may be electrical. Just wanted to pick a few brains to see if anyone else has experienced this with some resolution. Thanks again!