Water in gas tank


Today I went to one of those combo gast station/car wash places. After filling up I failed to replace the gas cap before entering the car wash. It’'s one of those that sprays the car with water on all sides, then beats off the dirt with shredded rubber “brushes”. I’m pretty sure some water got into the gas tank. Must I do anything to remedy this situation? I have an '05 Camry with 50K miles.


Chances are, little water got in there because of the way it is designed. However, to be on the safe side head over to your local Auto Parts store and pick up a can of gas line water remover.


I got water in my tank one time when I filled the tank up while a tanker truck was filling the station’s tank. It was snowing all morning and the sputtering started about 20 seconds after leaving the station. I didn’t connect the fill up with the gas and just keep the car swerving back and fortrh while dring the short distance home. After thinking about it, I surmised the last fillup had water in it.
I went back to the station and dropped my car off claiming there was water in the tank and walked home while the station supposedly drained the tank.
I returned and the attendant said he drained the tank and my vehicle was ready to go.
Yea, right. I didn’t even exit the station when the sputtering started agaiin.
The reply, must me carb trouble. (I has fuel injection!)
I told the idiot to get me a empty soda bottle. I pulled the fuel line and filled the bottle. We both could see the separation line between the gas and water.
Two bottles later the gas was 100% and I drove away and never agained got gas when a tank truck was dropping its load.


P.S. I also added two cans of dry gas addative.


We get this identical question about once a month. Rest assured there are many other dunderheads out there.

Did you drive home? If you made it home you have nothing further to worry about. Do nothing. You can add a can of Dry-Gas or equivalent to your gas tank if it will relieve anxiety.


Since water is denser than fuel (gas, diesel), and the fuel pump should pick up from the bottom of the gas tank, if one thinks one has water in the gas tank, one could disconnect the fuel line and turn the ignition key on a few times to fill a quart (liter) container. Let the container sit a few minuets, quietly, and see if there is a separation of liquids. The water will be on the bottom.


Add alcohol (drygas) available in any auto supply area.
Isopropanol is best. It will mix with the water and the gas, and allow the water to be removed harmlessly. Water in your gas can cause an intermittent cutout as the engine sucks water instead; also it can cause the formation of gum, so it should come out. The alcohol will take care of this. Iso-heet is one brand name.