Do you think I may have got bad gas?

A few minutes after I put gas in my tank, all lights came on and my car stalled on me about 5 times, however when I came home from my half hour trip the car did not stall and by the way this gasline station just got a new owner.Do you think I had bad gas.

“Bad Gas” gets the blame when the real problem is elusive.

Did you ask the owner if he had other complaints?

When you say “bad” I conclude you mean gas with water in it.

Has the area that the station you got your gas from experienced heavy rain or a flooded condition from any cause?

How low was your tank when you added the suspicious gas?

Bad car.

It would be rare to get bad gasoline, but it did happen to me once. This was 46 years ago. A new station had just opened up and I filled the tank. I started out on a 50 mile drive and the car did exactly what your car is doing. At my destination, a trusted service station checked the car and concluded that the gasoline may have had some moisture. They added a bottle of Heet gasoline antifreeze, drove the car a little and I had no problems on the return trip. My guess is that the tanks were new at the station where I filled up and may have had some moisture. Since your problem did go away, you may well have had some moisture in the gasoline. If the underground tanks at the station where you bought the gas sat close to empty for a while, some condensation may have gotten into the gasoline.

A few moths ago in the Albuquerque area some fuel delivery truck put diesel fuel in the gasoline holding tanks of a dozen or so stations.
There’s a station to the north of Gallup that is notorious for water in the fuel after rains.

If the gas was bad, it would still be bad after your half hour trip. I doubt if that was it. Maybe a loose connection or some moisture in the ignition system that dried out … Many possible causes. You can test the fuel and find out if it has water or other contaminates in it.

It did happen to me a couple of days before my wedding. A name brand station give me 5 gallons of water rather than gas. I found an inch of gas floating on half a tank of dirty water. It turns out a dozen or so cars where hit. Mine got further than any other before it stopped.

No I doubt if it was the gas.

Yes, one of the gasoline tanks was empty so the attendant directed me to another tank. There was rain in this area and I was low on gas at the time, so I really do not know for sure what caused the problem.

Thanks to you all for the great advice.