Subaru won't start

I have a 1992 Subaru Loyale, 1.8cc OHC engine, TBI. A few days ago I started it by pumping the gas (thinking I was in my carbeurated Subaru) and subsequently flooded it. I removed the plugs, dried the whole thing out for over 24 hours, replaced the plugs, and now it won’t start. I checked and I do have fuel and spark. It very briefly thinks about starting but it won’t. Could this be a crank angle sensor issue?

It could be but I suggest you try sparying some starter fluid into the intake and see if that helps get it going.

Check your plug installation again.

If you flood a fuel injected(FI) car you simply hold the pedal to the floor while cranking and I believe it will not add more fuel. That was at least 20-30 yrs ago when FI cars replaced those awful carbs.

It is easy to get the plug order out of order. Do as Andrew suggest.

I’ve checked the plug order and it is correct. I did try to floor the pedal- it very briefly thinks about starting but quickly returns to just cranking. It is just so strange that before the flood it ran completely normally, though the check engine light has been on for a month (when I bought the car).

If the starter fluid trick doesn’t work then check the timing belts. One of them may have broken.