Starting problem in cold weather

This is my fourth subaru and the only one with this problem. As the weather gets colder it becomes increasingly hard to start. When the temp goes below 20 degrees it won’t start at all

more info please. it will not start. does the motor turn over and will not start? if not then does it make any kind of noise when you attempt to start it? click, grunt. groan grinding. what year and model how many miles?

Subaru is an 88, fuel injection, about 200,000 miles. Turns over fine, but behaves like a carburated motor without a choke. I start by turning it over without touching the pedal. After about 10 seconds the motor shows a small sign of catching. I do this again and when it starts to catch I give the pedal a quick small tap which brings it to life. I have to do the quick taps about a dozen time before I can get it up to 1500 rpm’s and continue to run. Any suggestions? This wasn’t a problem with my last 3 Loyale’s John in White Salmon, Wa

have someone listen for the fuel pump to run when you turn the key on, not to start. it should come on and run for 3 to 5 seconds to build pressure. after it cycles off try just going to start then. if that does not work try cycling the key a few times and then go to start and see if it starts. if it does not start either way i would then have the fuel pressure check done in the cold as you describe it happening. you may have to leave the car overnite

Funny that you should bring up the fuel pump. This car had a lot of DIY stuff going on when I bought it. One was a different fuel pump that was connected with alligator clips. We changed that out to the correct pump from a wrecking yard. I suspected contaminated fuel so I changed out the fuel filter to the correct one last summer and not only found a really dirty fuel pump but water in the gas. I directed the inlet side of the fuel line to a glass jar and turned the key on expecting the pump to run briefly to build up pressure, but it didn’t. I had to turn the motor over briefly to fill the jar and that’s when I discovered the water in the fuel as well as a bunch more black crud…Doesn’t the computer tell the pump to start briefly before the motor actually turns over?..Thanks for all your help with this. I would really like to straighten it all out. My idea of a good car is one that runs all of the time…John