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97 subaru otback lagacy

car ran out of gas. i refilled but the car won’t start. replaced the fuel pump and filter. is there any thing else? also because i disconnected the battery the alrm is going off. no horn just flashing lights. read the manual and can’t get them to shut off.

Is gas getting to the engine? How much gas did you add? Is the pump running? (You should be able to hear it when you turn on the ignition)

pump is ok. replaced the pump again yesterday. getting gas to and out of the filter. this is my son’s car. last year i paid 1200 to have the tank flushed and a new pump. fuel injectors? he never keeps it full. everytime i check it it’s on E

The instructions for resetting the alarm are probably in the Owner’s Handbook. If you don’t have one, you can order one through the Subaru dealer; or, go on line for Subaru manuals and order one. The dealer’s service department may be kind enough to give you the resetting procedure.
The engine may not be getting spark nor fuel injected by the fuel injectors. You won’t be able to tell until you get the security/alarm system reset.
You need to check for spark and fuel injector signal. Auto parts stores have NOID LIGHTS to check for fuel injector signal. The NOID LIGHTS flash when installed in the wiring connector to the fuel injector, and the engine is cranked, and they are getting a signal.
You can determine if the problem is only fuel by using Starting Fluid (available at auto parts stores). Spray the Starting Fluid into the air intake in a two second spray. If the engine cranks, and runs a few seconds and dies, there is a fuel injector problem (no signal from the engine computer because it’s not getting the signals that it needs).

is the alarm preventing it from starting? the car really sounds like it wants to start. i have the manual and tried their procedure. nothing. called subaru. they said there is a reset under the left hand side of the dash. i am getting spark just checked that this morning.

The anti-theft diagram looks like it just prevents the engine from cranking. Therefore, do the other things I"ve already outlined.

By pushing the Unlock button on the remote you should be able to clear the alarm.

I suggest you use some starting fluid sprayed into the intake to help get the engine running. It should start if you have spark and you verified that.

no luck with the starter fluid. the engine has been cranking all along. just not catching. as far the alarm lights still flash. don’t have a remote key. i don’t see any reset switch. looked all under the dash. tried procedure in the manual… no luck the indicator light on the left hand side is missing. this has got me stumped. it seems odd that he ran out of gas and now it won’t start. i pulled one plug and checked for spark. it was ok

just over a year ago i had to have the tank dropped and flushed. by my son running it dry could something be restricting the flow? i mean how much sediment could be in there after 1 year? gas comes out at the fuel line but is it supposed to really shoot out? it comes out at a good flow but it doesn’t blast out. i ran the gas into a bottle but i didn’t need to hold it. it is supposed to be 40 psi at the engine but what does that mean? would it shoot 2 feet in the air? the repair last year cost $1200 plus i had to bring it back a couple weeks later at a cost of $600. they said it was water in the gas that damaged the pump. (in my 30 years of driving i’ve never got bad gas.)this was at a dealer. any info helps. i just don’t want to give up. my son’s in college and this is a major problem (forget about him) this is major to me as i will have to pick him up to go to work on the weekends. i work midnights. what ever happens thanks for all the info