Subaru with mystery lights

Hello all,

I have a 2002 subaru legacy with problematic headlights. When I switch on the headlights, often times one or both will stay off. I’ve found though that if I unplug the cable from the headlights and then plug them back in, the lights will turn on. To be more specific, if both lights are off, I’ll have to do this for both the lights. I’ve tried replacing the battery in the car but it didn’t seem to help. Any ideas will be greatly appreciated!!!


I am not sure what type of bulbs it has, but it sounds like cleaning the connections and/or replacing the bulbs should take care of the problem.

The easiest solution before visiting a mechanic is changing out the head light bulbs. Hopefully they are reasonable accessible in a 2002 Legacy. I did have to remove so plastic intake bits to access them in my 2005 Legacy(different generation).

Very delayed, but wanted to thank you folks - replacing the lights did the trick.